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    1. Introduction
    2. Data Protection Act
    3. Collected Information
    4. Purpose and Use of Information
    5. Disclosure
    6. Storage
    7. Accuracy and Access
    8. Complaints Procedure
    9. Disclaimer
    10. Notification of Changes
    11. Your Comments
    12. Contact


    We understand the importance of our members' privacy and wish our users' experience to be as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. We will act responsibly in the handling of your personal data and take steps to ensure its security. The purpose of this policy is to ensure our members are always aware of the type of information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances, if any, we would disclose it. This policy applies to all services provided by the Aluminati Network Group Ltd.

    This Policy should be read together with our Terms and Conditions and inherits any definitions defined therein.

    Data Protection Act

    The Aluminati Network Group Ltd has submitted a voluntary notification to the Information Commissioner. Our membership number is Z8393842. All personal data is handled in accordance with the latest Data Protection act 1998.

    Collected Information

    The information we collect is that provided by you directly via our registration form and profile interface. We also collect non-personal information for statistical analysis on the use of our websites. We also have your registered email address on record.

    Any correspondence between you and us is archived for future reference.

    While we keep records of any financial transactions for accounting purposes, debit / credit card details are NOT recorded, nor ever seen, by us in the case of an online payment being made. All such information is via by our 3rd party online transaction handler and we refer you to their own privacy policies.

    Purpose and Use of Information

    Generally the information we have is used for the normal operation and maintenance of our services. Information is used for internal purposes only such as billing and security verification of individuals. Contact details are used for internal announcements and to inform members of important information regarding the use of our web services.

    Any directory system will operate on a strictly opt-in basis and will be accessible only to other members.

    Use of Cookies - these are small files that reside on your system and are read by our website and webmail interface so as to enhance your experience. No personal information is stored and you may delete these cookies at any time.


    We will never give nor sell your information to 3rd parties except in the following cases:

    • You give your consent.
    • When required to do so by law.
    • In order to process and verify an online payment.

    Specifically, and without loss of generality of the above statement, you can be sure we will never give your email address to any 3rd party for the purposes of advertising or promotions.


    Your information is stored in a password protected database which is never accessible by the public nor any non-authorised employee of the Company. Authentication information, such as passwords, is encrypted.

    Accuracy and Access

    We will always try to maintain our records as up-to-date and accurate and we welcome you to help us in this effort by updating your own information whenever it changes. Methods of access and modification are:

    1. Email us for a copy of your stored details and/or inform us of any changes that need to be made.
    2. Write in to request a paper print out (include a stamped addressed envelope).
    3. Access and update your profile via an online profile interface.

    We will require that you suitably identify yourself before accessing your information.

    We reserve the right to charge reasonable costs incurred by us for the supply of this information. At present there is no charge for these services.

    We will refuse access for the following reasons:

    • The request does not relate to the information belonging to the person making the request.
    • Insufficient identification is produced.
    • Denial of access is required by law.
    • Providing access would pose a serious threat to the life or health of an individual or individuals.
    • The information provided for modification is reasonably believed to be false.
    • Providing access would interfere with any legal proceedings or negotiations relating to the individual.

    Complaints Procedure

    If, for any reason, you feel the need to complain or comment about our privacy practices or policies we encourage you to contact us using the details provided below so that we may resolve the situation.


    Our web site links to and is linked from other web sites on the internet. Unless they are members of the Aluminati Network Group we accept no responsibility for their actions and we advise you to read their own privacy policies.

    In the event we direct you to a secure server, for example in the case of making an online payment, it is your responsibility to check that the web site is authentic by verifying the URL as correct. You should also check to ensure the web site is secured by looking for the 'padlock' symbol or an URL beginning with "https://". In the event of any uncertainty please contact us before proceeding.

    We do not accept any responsibility for any breach of privacy resulting from a member's compromised computer system or security information where the breach did not occur as a result of an action or inaction by the Aluminati Network Group. This includes, but is not limited to, the case of a password being stolen and used to access the member's profile or email account for purposes including sabotage and data theft.

    Notification of Changes

    Any changes to this privacy policy will be announced in the News section of the relevant websites where a link to the updated policy will be posted.

    Your Comments

    Privacy is a very important issue and it is vital that we provide a policy that is reasonable, fair and responsible. If you have any comments regarding this policy then please do not hesitate to contact us using the details below.


    Privacy Enquiries
    Aluminati Network Group Ltd.
    4 Minton Enterprise Park
    Oaks Drive
    Suffolk. CB8 7YY

    Email: privacy@aluminati.net
    Fax: +44 (0)1638 668 890

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