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    SMTP is short for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. This is the process most systems use of sending emails between servers.

    SMTP access is provided by some of our paid Packages so that your email account can be set up on an email program or app (such as Outlook, Thunderbird or a mobile phone).

    You can check to see if your account has access to SMTP by logging in to the My Account dashboard. If you click on Email Accounts on the left, you will see details of your email account and what Package it is currently using. It will also list if your account has access to IMAP/POP/SMTP.

    You can find detailed guides for setting up your email account on an email program or app here.


    If you have any questions about SMTP, please contact our helpdesk at help@aluminati.net

    Need help moving emails stored on your student email to your new account?

    Click here for further information on how to do this.