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    Emails people send to me are bouncing back to them!

    If your contacts inform you that they receive a bounced/undeliverable message notice when they email your email address, the first step is to check that your account is not over quota. You can view your current quota usage by going to your Inbox and viewing it in the bottom left. For more details of your quota, you can read our help article here.

    If your Account is over quota, Emails that are sent to you will be bounced back to the sender. You will need to delete or archive some of your Emails before you can receive any more. You can also upgrade your Account to have more quota space.

    If your Account is under your quota, and your contacts are still receiving bounced messages, you will be able to determine the cause of this from the bounce message itself. It will have details of the cause of the bounce. You may wish to ask your contact to forward the bounced message to you.

    If you are not sure how to interpret the bounce message, or need further assistance with why messages to your account are being bounced, please contact our helpdesk at help@aluminati.net.

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