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    My email forwarding is not working.

    If you have set up email forwarding on your account, and emails are not being forwarded on as expected, there are a number of settings to check to ensure that emails will be delivered:

    •  Is the forwarding address correct? You can log in to your Account and go to your Forwarding options to check that the settings and forwarding address have been set up correctly. It is important to double check that the forwarding address has been entered correctly.
    • Check the junk & trash folders of the receiving Account: Sometimes emails may be flagged as spam by mistake. If you are not receiving forwarded emails, you can check the junk and trash folders of the account that is being forwarded to. If the forwarded emails are in one of these folders, you will need to check the spam settings of the account.
    • Email delays: If there are any server issues, this could be causing a delay in any Emails being forwarded on. To check if there are any current server issues, you can find our service news at https://twitter.com/aluminatinews

    Forwarding to a Gmail account

    If you have set your uniofyorkspace.net account to forward on to a Gmail address, you may find there is an issue with any test messages you are sending.

    When sending a test email to check your email forwarding, it is best to use an account other than your Gmail address. This is because Gmail sees the test email being sent from it already, and when this is forwarded back to the Gmail address, it will store it in another folder and not the Inbox.

    You may find your forwarded test messages can be found in the All Mail folder.

    Further steps

    If you can't find an email that you were expecting to be forwarded, please contact our helpdesk at help@aluminati.net with as much detail as possible about the email.

    Please include details of your Email Address, the address you are forwarding to, and provide some details of emails that have not been forwarded. If you include the Subject and the Date/Time the emails were sent, we will be able to check our server logs for details of what happened to the emails.

    Need help moving emails stored on your student email to your new account?

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